Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The L word Phenomenon

The L word is an amazing phenomenon on mainstream television.

Yep! A series for lesbians, produced by lesbians and in parts acted by lesbians. Featured on Prime time Television!!!!

You know, it's true. We have come a long way

L word is a showtime series that highlights the lives and loves of a bunch of lesbian and bisexual women.

First aired in the US on January 18 2004, this show has grown to be a dominating influence in the lives of lesbian women all over the world.

The L word just gets better and better each season

Next season [Season 5] airs on January 6th 2008. It is such a long time away.

For those of you who are yet to discover the addictive marvels of the L word, i strongly urge you to get the first 4 series now. Borrow it, buy it whatever.

Caution, you can only start to watch the L word if you are certain you have about 48 hours free to your self.

It is absolute compulsive watching.

I lent my series one DVDs to a couple of straight girlfriends of mine. They have both purchased and watch series two three and four. Talk about some sleepless nights!!

To see a synopsis of the L word and watch some clips. go to the Lesbian Movie Scene website and view the L word Page

Series 5 we humbly await you