Sunday, 6 February 2011

Elena Undone. Worth The Wait

Elena undone generated a lot of buzz well before it's release.

With the highly publicized longest kiss in cinema clips circulating most lesbian movie discussion forums and getting all those you tube views.... Of course we couldn't wait to see the movie

But the concern was that with all the hype, the film may be .. disappointing
Good news. Elena Undone delivers. It more than delivers, it a great lesbian movie.

Basically, Elena is a preachers wife whose life from looking in from outside looks great but early on in the film you can tell Elena is unfulfilled. She meets Peyton, a photographer who is openly lesbian and things get rather interesting after that.

That's all I going to share about the plot.

Stunning actresses, well executed story and some credible philosophy.

Great job.... well worth the hype

Trailer of Elena Undone