Friday, 1 May 2009

Kelly McGillis Comes Out. Finally

Kelly McGillis has finally told us what we already knew. She is a lesbian. According to this article she has finally decided to move on with her life and admit she's a lesbian.

It really is sad that even in the present day and age, there are otherwise intelligent women who truly believe that being a lesbian is 'God's way of punishing her'

All I can say is bravo for coming out of that closet and breathing in some fresh air.

Must say from the first time I saw her in Top Gun, I thought. She's got to be a lesbian

I suppose the fact that Top gun is dubbed one of the most romantic movies ever made is credit to Ms McGillis' acting skills

And then came The Monkey's Mask

And we thought, warmer

And then there was the appearance in the L word

Sorry I don't have a clip of that.
Finally she is finding herself

Hey chic, great move and enjoy