Thursday, 26 November 2009

Venice The Series. Season One Trailer

All right ladies.
It's one week to go and then the lesbian web series Venice the series starts
Launch date is 4th December 2009

Personally was hoping that Venice would give us a chance to see Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia together

They were great in Guiding light but the lack of a kiss was sooo frustrating and just shows we are still a way from equality

Anyway in the trailer I am a little confused because you get the distinct impression that these two ladies are with.... other ladies

Watch the trailer and you decide

Monday, 16 November 2009

Mischa Barton Early Lesbian Role

Mischa Barton has had a handful of lesbian roles on tv. Mischa plays Katie in 'Once and Again'
Katie is rumoured around school to be a lesbian. Shhe becomes friends with Jessie [played by Rachel Evan Wood].

Jessie and Katie soon become good friends but when Jessie finds out about Katie's sexual preference, she is confused and withdraws from her.

Will Jessie come to terms with the fact that Katie is a lesbian and how will she deal with her own feelings for Katie

Mischa Barton in Once and again part 1

Mischa Barton in Once and again part 2

Mischa Barton in Once and again part 3

Mischa Barton in Once and Again Final part

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Janis And Maya Flashforwards Lesbian Couple

I must say I am quite impressed that flash forward have featured a lesbian story quite early on in the series.

And it feels like a real story not the token lesbian side story which again is refreshing. There are a lot of kisses and the interaction between them seems natural.

After the no kiss fiasco in guiding light [really frustrating for Olivia/Natalia fans], it's great that this series has gone the opposite way. well done abc

Janis, an FBI agent, is in the closet mainly because of her job, but you get the impression that she is quite comfortable with her sexuality. Maya is a chef, quite an attractive one who goes to the same martial arts class as Janis

As with most people on flash forward, Maya and Janis have their own flash forwards which contrast quite sharply with their current lives

abc does not seem shy about portraying lesbian women or having there female characters kiss and for this they get a gold star from me

JAnis and Maya. Flashforwards lesbian couple