Saturday, 17 April 2010

Lesbian Christian Jennifer Knapp

Jennifer Knapp honestly is not someone I was aware of. Perhaps because she is big on the christian music scene and I tend to go more for classical music. But her recent coming out as a lesbian woman has hit almost every forum and online magazine that has anything to do with us lesbians.

And I am thinking, what's the big deal!!
Jeniffer Knapp is a christian... Good for her
Jennifer Knapp is a lesbian.... And ???
Not sure if all the fuss is about being a lesbian and christian. I thought that in the current decade we were enlightened enough to realize one is not exclusive of the other.

Perhaps I should give you a little background. About 7 years ago, Jennifer took a break from her thriving christian music career, raising a flurry of rumors.

Is she burnt out, has she lost her mojo. Crikey is she a lesbian?

And now she has come back to making music and has come out as a lesbian, I think it was in this interview at christianity today, and our imagination is working overtime. Because Jennifer Knapp's being lesbian has got to have something to do with her sudden exit from the christian music scene, hasn't it?

At least it makes a good headline.

But you know when you look at thinks with a clear head, there is nothing to suggest any relation between the two events.

And we are forgetting something. It takes a lot of courage for someone who is prominent in the christian world to come out. There is still so much confusion about God's stance on us poor lesbians

To Jennifer I say good job and good luck with the new album. You can here some samples at Jennifer Knapp's official website. I had a listen and will be definitely buy the album when it is released in May

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Martina Navratilova Sincerely On Breast Cancer

Martina Navratilova is an icon and without doubt a champion many times over in the tennis world.
Her sincere and candid discussion of her recent diagnosis of breast cancer shows Martina is a champion outside the court as well.