Saturday, 27 February 2010

Lesbian Kiss, Mariska and SVU


At least that's what we hoped for since Mariska Hargitay started in law and order SVU, I think in the late 90's.

And then she got married.. to a really cool chap actually, and we all thought fair game, she's straight.

But there was always the hope that her character Olivia Benson in SVU may develop a lesbian relationship

After all she, i.e. Olivia, has always seemed sympathetic to lesbian issues in the series

But admittedly there is also a huge wave of Olivia/Elliot supporters

Anyway I thought the lesbian sector was in for a real treat when I heard about/ or read about an upcoming lesbian kiss on SVU.

Here is the preview of the "lesbian scene"

Hmmm. I guess the Olivia/ Elliot chapter wins

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Viola Di Mare Lesbian Movie Review

Viola Di Mare has been described by some as more than just a lesbian movie. It's based in Sicily and is basically about two childhood friends Sara and Angela. Best friends, they get separated when Sara moves away, but Angela never stops waiting for her.

Many years later, Sara returns, a fully grown woman with concerns about marriage and family. Despite this, it does not take long for their friendship to develop into a lesbian relationship.

There are the usual issues about lesbians are sinners, it is 19th century Italy after all.

So so far a run of the mill lesbian movie.

What adds to this movie is Angela's father, a traditional sicilian whose business is going down the pan. He always wanted a son not a daughter and made this clear to hs family, sometimes with his fists

Events directly related to Angela's father results in a plan that could see Angela and Sara living the rest of their lives together.

That's all I can tell you about this film without giving it away.

As a lesbian movie, I suppose it's okay. The acting was pretty good and the love scenes were genuinely portrayed. It's a little dark but worth watching.