Sunday, 24 January 2010

Die Konkurrentin English Subtitles Lesbian Interest

Die Konkurrentin or the competitor is a German lesbian themed movie from 1997.

Katharina, a successful management consultant, and Maren meet at a party and the attraction between them is instant. problem is although Maren is a lesbian, Katharina is married with children.

Further complications occur when Maren gets employed as Katharina's assistant against Katharina's wishes. Maren's role is to act as a spy for Katharina's employers in return for career advancement. How does it all pan out?

It's one of those really predictable lesbian movies strictly for when there is absolutely nothing else on

Sunday, 17 January 2010

We Have To Stop Now | Lesbian Web Series

We have to stop now is a lesbian web series with Cathy DeBuono [also in out at the wedding], Jill Bennett and Suzanne Westenhoefer.

Lesbians web series are getting better and better and 'we have to stop now' certainly delivers.

Basically based on the therapy sessions of a married lesbian couple. Gets a little complicated because they are both therapists themselves.

As a result of the success of their book 'How to succeed in marriage without even trying' they are followed everywhere by a camera crew making a documentary about them. Not a good thing when you are contemplating divorce.

Season 1 of 'we have to stop now' was pretty decent

Watch the pilot episode of the lesbian web series below

To watch the rest of this series visit We have to Stop Now Lesbian web series

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Nikki And Helen Bad Girls

Bad Girls was a lesbian TV series in the UK which was such an amazing breath of fresh air. Before L word there was bad girls. Surprising because of it's bold lesbian content and the possibility that the girl could get the girl

Bad girls is a prison drama [hang on, I can almost here your heavy sighs], this one was really good, at least the first three seasons were
Basically Nikki Wade is an out lesbian and previously successful business women who is in prison for murdering a police officer. From the start you see Nikki is angry and has a problem with the authorities. We eventually find out why, but initially her angst which she lavishes on her prison warden Helen Stewart is a little confusing. Helen Stewart, a senior prison warden with an ever so sexy Scottish accent, is just one of those nice, well meaning women who wants to get the best out of her prisoners. She believes firmly in rehabilitation and a second chance and all that.
Eventually Helen and Nikki's constant friction develops into a mutual curiosity and the bases of an award winning and totally compulsive TV show

Similar to The L word, Bad Girls was a show that appealed not only to lesbians but to straight women and men as well

Thought it deserved to be our first clip of 2010

Mandana Stewart as Nikki Wade and Simone Lahbib as Helen Stewart in Bad Girls Lesbian TV series